The Peninsula on the Bay

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The Peninsula on the Bay

The Developer

The Peninsula On The Bay is a 10 story tower comprising of residential, commercial and retail spaces. Our luxury apartments boast spectacular views over the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne CBD

Deague Group is known for developing modern, stylish and innovative developments in some of the most liveable cities in Australia. Their projects combine leading edge technologies, architecture and style, whilst incorporating environmental responsibility and vary from Commercial Office Buildings, Serviced Apartments to Retail precincts.

The proud history of Deague Group is highlighted by recent substantial growth throughout Australia that is reflected in the extensive portfolio of commercial, hotel and residential property projects. The key to their approach goes beyond bricks and mortar to focusing on people and the facilities and services they require to prosper in today's technological business world.

All projects are complemented by professional interior designers and award-winning architects, together creating successful iconic properties that stand out from the crowd. We look forward to The Peninsula on the Bay joining this historical family and fleet and owning the title of the most iconic development of the Mornington Peninsula, in which it is representative and deserving.

Deague Group

Deague Group amassed an extensive portfolio of commercial, residential and hotel properties throughout Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. With an emphasis on property development and construction, Deague Group has built its success on maximising returns from portfolio of developed property assets.

History of Deague Group

Deague Group, formerly Asian Pacific Group, was founded in Melbourne in 1867, quickly establishing itself as a highly reputable builder in the Victorian capital, successfully cultivating its current status as an industry leading master builder.

It was in 1992 that, continuing the long running tradition of the family-run business, David Deague transitioned the company by specialising in commercial property development, adopting the name Asian Pacific Group Pty Ltd and concentrating its focus on Melbourne.

The Group's resounding success continues to elevate the company to greater heights, reflected in no small part by the growth the company has experienced with commercial offices and residential properties throughout Australia.


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